Knowledge Base Article
Article# A01049
Date 1/29/2002
Applies To CAR_PRO Version 2002.001+
Description Error# 424 - Object Required! Message encountered when trying to send Inventory records to web.
Symptoms End user receives the following message when trying to send Inventory records to "MyWebsite"... Error# 424 - Object Required! If the end user then clicks "Retry" then the process starts over and the error happens again at the same point and the inventory records on the website ar duplicated.
Cause After evaluating the end users database it was discovered the some of the inventory record fields were null instead of the default ("") blank value. Because of this, when the program was creating the send string for that particular record the null value was causing a problem with the XML string. So the field with the null would actually cause the program to skip that XML node and therefore when the web server could not find the node for that field it would send back the error 424.
Solution Have the end user run a database repair which will convert the nulls to the default of ("") and solve the problem.