Knowledge Base Article
Article# A01062
Date 3/11/2002
Applies To CAR_PRO Version 01.04
Description Cannot run unicode version of ATL.DLL on Windows 95.
Symptoms During update then user receives and message "Cannot run unicode version of ATL.DLL on Windows 95. Please install correct version.". Then after the update user gets "Program Not Authorized! [88]" message and nothing seems to work to correct it.
Cause We think this was an issolated case that was caused because the ATL.DLL file that we distributed did not get registered on the und users PC. The ATL.DLL file is a file that many OCX's require to be properly registered before they themselves can be registered. As a result the end user had many OCX's and or DLL's that did not register and so CAR_PRO could not work.
Solution The only way that we could resolve this issue was to do a complete un-install of the application after creating a backup copy of the application folder. Then we re-installed the old version of the app (2001.004) which enabled him to get back into the program. Then we restored his old databases and forms/reports files. After which we had the user update to 2002.003 using the CPUpdate.exe which only updates missing files instead of all files.