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Q: Where do I store the payoff for trade-ins?
A: The payoff for trade-ins is stored on the Vendors tab of the Deal Editor screen. Just click on the "Trade Payoffs" drop down combo and you will see a place to store it under the Addition Information section on the right side of the screen.

Q: As my quarterly license for CAR_PRO gets close to expiration, is there any way that I can check my account balance?
A: Yes. In the latest version of the software you have the ability to check your account balance anytime you like! On the top right corner of your Main Menu simply click on the "GO" button and choose "My Account Status". Not only can you check your balance, but you can also make credit card payments right online!

Q: When I enter a VIN number I get a message that there is no vehicle data found. The Vin Decoder used to work fine but now it's not! How can I fix it?
A: The Vin-Decoder in CAR_PRO is nothing more then a database that gets updated several times per year. As new models come out they get added to the database. if for some reason your program is not retrieving data for newer cars, you probably just need to run a Vin-Decoder update to get the latest database. CLICK HERE and choose run to update now.

Q: I am trying to align my forms and am having a bit of trouble. On the longer ones, such as bank contracts, I can line up the top half perfectly but the bottom half of the form prints way to low! Is there something wrong with my printer?
A: No, not at all! You just need to make sure your printer is setup properly for printing long forms. CLICK HERE and check out instructions for setting up your printer.

Q: How do I delete employee records when the person no longer works for me?
A: You can only delete employee records that are not linked to any deals and this is because you will still need a record of the persons sales. If a record is linked to a deal then simply recall it from the System Data screen and uncheck the "Active Employee" box. Now the system will prevent the employee from being linked to future deals.

Q: I paid my quarterly bill but my program still says I only have 3 days left before the license expires. How come?
A: That's because you still have three days left on your current license. The payment you made is for your next quarter which will start after your current license expires in three days. Don't worry though, because your account is current the application will automatically obtain a new license over the Internet once your active license expires. You won't miss a beat!

Q: How do I change the stock number for a vehicle that is in my inventory?
A: To change a stock number go to the Inventory screen and click on Transfers. This screen gives you the ability to either change a stock number or transfer inventory between two companies.

Q: I was marking deliveries and my printer will not print the Deal Recap?
A: First of all you need to make sure the "Automatically Print A Deal Recap For Each Deal That I Mark As Delivered" check box is checked. If it is and it still doesn't print then you need to make sure that your Windows "Default" printer is turned on and ready. That report will only print to the "Default" printer so making sure it is working properly should correct the problem.

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