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Our Knowledge Base is a collection articles which contain information about various reported problems with our software products. When a problem is reported it is posted here in an article and when a solution or walk-around is found it is added to the article. To search the collection, simply enter any key words pertaining to your question or problem and click the "Submit Search" button.

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Article#DescriptionStatusApplies To
A01155Client gets an error similar to the following when trying to connect to Host PC... You may not have permission to access this resource. Logon failure: user account restrictionCLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01154Program crashes intermittently, usually when adding customer and ZipCode field gain focus. Also when using various dropdown grid controls.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01153Database coruptions occure when end user updates to IE7 or higher.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01152Error 20513 when trying to print plain paper form with embeded image on Windows 7.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01151crystal reports error 20535 when running any Crystal form or report on windows vista or higher.CLOSEDCAR_PRO 2011.003
A01149Automation error when printing Plain Paper forms.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01148Unusually long delay when ever program goes from any sub screen to the Main Menu.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01147GPF - When trying to access the Prospect screen on WinXP.CLOSED2008.016
A01146Crystal Error 20534 when printing forms.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01145Looking for object with ProgID: MSComctlLib.ImageListCtrl.2 error message while loading CAR_PRO at 30%CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01144Program Not Authorized 50CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01143Print forms preview properly but some of the text will not print.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01142User cannot access our company website.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01140Cannot access CAR_PRO on two Vista machines at the same time.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01139Out of memory message at 10% while loading carproOpened - NewCAR_PRO Version 2008.003
A01138Could Not Start QuickBooks with XPCLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01137Cannot post to QuickBooks with VISTA.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01136Cannot access Billing screen. Program just locks up.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01135When trying to add a new deal on the Deal Records screen, the application instead pulls up an existing deal.OpenedCAR_PRO Any Version
A01134GPF / IPF when going from Deal Records to "Edit Vehicle Record" and then clicking on the "Expenses" button. Another tell-tale symptom of this problem is that the user gets a "No Current Record" message whenever they try to edit a vehicle that does not yet have any expenses.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01133Operation not allowed when object is open - error when user tries to obtain a license over the Internet.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01132Error# 20545 was generated by CrystalReport. Request cancelled by user.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01131Program not authorized [2] message on client PC. CLOSED2006.001+
A01130When accessing expenses from the Deal Records screen, the program would bring up an incorrect stock number and then list every expense ever recorded in CAR_PRO.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01129Images on my website show up as just an "X".CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01128Cannot load program on client PC.CLOSED2005.001 Plus
A01127Client machine loads extremely slow after update.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01126Nothing happens when user tries to upload new pictures to MyWebsite.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01125CAR_PRO hangs during loading at 50%.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2005.006
A01124Problems printing long forms on Okidata 320 Turbo.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2005.005
A01123CAR_PRO Notification are on main menu displays the default screen as if user has no active connection to the Internet.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2003.005
A01122General Protection Fault (GPF) at 30% while loading CAR_PRO.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2005.005
A01121Program Not Authorized [7]CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2005.005
A01120General Protection Fault (GPF/IPF) when loading Billing screen.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01119Record Not found! error when trying to refresh QuickBooks accounts.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2005.004
A01118Unable to obtain licensing info from Host on Client.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2005.004
A01117Full CAR_PRO Installation hangs near end while trying to copy blip.wav file.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01116Error 429 ActiveX component cannot create object message when trying to send inventory to website.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2003.008
A01115Error 53 - File Not Found - is this a forms disk? message while trying to install forms that were downloaded from the DLC website. CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01114No CPServer in tray on host and Program Not Authorized 88.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01113Forms print twiceCLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.004
A01112Unknown error occures when trying to refresh accounts from Quickbooks.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2003.008
A01111When trying to post a sale to QuickBooks th user gets an error # -2147220487.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 03.08
A01110Cannot upload photos to MyWebsiteCLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2003.002
A01108All three PCs lockup at 30% and the host get a GPF the shows an error in msrd2x35.dllCLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2003.008
A01107Client stops loading at 80 percentCLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2003.003
A01106With Windows XP and 2000 the printer does not recognize a custom paper size even after following the printer setup instructions in the CAR_PRO Help file.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01105When trying to edit some Inventory records the end user gets a "No current record" error, also getting a "Data Conversion" error when adding expenses.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2003.008
A01104Problem printing forms over 11 inches long on Okidata ML390 Turbo on Windows XPCLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2003.005
A01103Sending Inventory Photos to MyWebsite failsCLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2003.004
A01102When using the Wholesale Wizard if the user creates a batch with more then 8 vehicles then all the deals end up with the same stock number.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01101Using and "&" in a customer or vender name causes an error when posting data to QuickBooks.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2003.005
A01100When trying to print warranty application user gets a Crystal error "20507 - Invalid File"CLOSEDAutoMate Version 3.005
A01099Error message... "Could not communicate with the CAR_PRO server! Make sure CPServer is running on the host machine and that the network connection is available!" when trying to access CAR_PRO on client PC. This dialog was the one with no place to store a Host IP address.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2003.005
A01098Connection error when trying to access application on client PC.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.004
A01095After updating to Version 2003.001 the user reports that cannot click on any buttons from the Main Menu.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2003.001
A01094Error 7 - Out of Memory when trying to print any form or report from with in CAR_PRO.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.004
A01093Cannot exit the Deal Records screen.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002
A01092Program Not Authorized [88]! message when trying to enter program from client.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002
A01091On Windows 2000 PC printer roller would spin for 30 seconds after printing a form.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.004
A01090Program Not Authorized![7] message when trying to access CAR_PRO on Client PC.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.004
A01089All Print forms print and preview incorrectly.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.004
A01088Program Not Authorized![7] message when trying to access CAR_PRO on host PC.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.004
A01087Cannot get update. Repeatedly says the Subscription has expired.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.001
A01086Vin-Decoder does not work even after running the VinFix.exe utility.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.004
A01085Host IP = UNAVAILABLE in information window of CPServer.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 00.03
A01084Could not update or install CAR_PRO 2002.004 on a Windows NT 4.0 PC.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.003
A01083Could not renew license on client PC's. When using web licensing, everything looked like it was working fine but the licencing info was not saving on their end.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.003
A01082Error message... "Could not communicate with the CAR_PRO server! Make sure CPServer is running on the host machine and that the network connection is available!" when trying to access CAR_PRO on client PC. This dialog was the one with no place to store a Host IP address.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.004
A01081When running various reports the user gets the following error... Error 20515 "... The ) is missing"CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.004
A01079When user put a check mark in the Missing Title box on the Inventory screen, nothing happens.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.004
A01078When running full setup the end user encounters the following error... "Can Not Run Unicode Version of Atl.dll on Win 95 Please Install the Correct Version"CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.004
A01077Could not save MOB Life Rates in database.CLOSED2002.004
A01076Microsoft dao database engine error. The database is in use by another user or you don't have permissionCLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01074CAR_PRO 2002.004+ locks up during loading at the 20% mark on client PC's.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.004
A01073User can access the application but when they click buttons on the main menu nothing happens.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version Any
A01072Runtime error 3020 when adding a vehicle in stock. 'Update or cancel update without add new or edit'CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.003
A01071Program Not Authorized [88]! on Windows 2000 PCCLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.001
A01070Error# 5 Invalid proceedure or argument error when trying to obtain licence over InternetCLOSEDAutomate Any Version
A01069When printing forms the printer would skip or break in the middle of a line horizontally.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.003
A01069Cannot access CAR_PRO on client PC. "Could not communicate with CPServer..." dialog pops up and the IP address is blank. CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.003
A01068Program Not Authorized [88]! message after updating to 2002.003CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.003
A01067Cannot access the program... Program Not Authorized [3]! message.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002
A01066Error 429 Active X Component can't create object.CLOSEDAutoMate Version 03.02
A01065WHEN TRYING TO CONNECT TO WEB SERVER USER GETS A ERROR 2147467259.ClosedAutoMate Version 03.02
A01064Unable to print reports which are 2 or more pages with Windows XP.CLOSEDCAR_PRO
A01063Some of the In-House deals show as paid in full even when no payments have been posted.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.001
A01062Cannot run unicode version of ATL.DLL on Windows 95.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 01.04
A01061Cannot find In-Hosue deals on the In-House screen.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 00.04
A01060Cannot access the Credit Bureau screen.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.002
A01059How do I sort the Selected Inventory report?CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002
A01058"Program Not Authorized! [88]" message.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.001
A01057The panel at the top of the Inventory Editor screen which indicates when and who a vehicle is sold to displayes incorrect information.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.001
A01056Could not run credit bureau report, the Send button is disabled.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.002 or Less
A01055User receives both GPF's and IPF's constantly on any given screen of CAR_PRO.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01054"Method ` of object ` Failed" message when trying to obtain license over the Internet.CLOSEDCAR_PRO 2002.001 and higher
A01053Runtime error - btn32a20.ocx or one of it's dependencies not correctly registered.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01052Couldn't connect to remote server. This happened while trying to transmit sales to server.CLOSEDAutoMate Version 3.002
A01050CAR_PRO Locks up at 95% after updating from older version.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002
A01049Error# 424 - Object Required! Message encountered when trying to send Inventory records to web.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.001+
A01048Unable to connect to remote server! Please make sure you have an active Internet connection and try again!CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.001
A01047From reports screen if you choose "Last Month" the program sets the date to the wrong year.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.001 or less
A01046A blank "Notice" dialog with Information icon appears on Warranty Sales screen.CLOSEDAUTOMATE
A01045Unable to edit various Inventory records. Program just fails to save changes.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2002.002
A01044Client machine does not retain Host IP address for CPServer.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 00.04
A01043Couldn't find installable ISAM error after new update.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01042Descrepency in Interest charges on in-house finance deal. The actual amount of interest that is collected does not match the amount displayed on the Deal Info - Finance tab.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01041Deal recap report prints blank.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2000.004 or lower
A01039Unable to post pick up payments correctly on an In-House deal.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 01.01
A01038How to create custom Forms or paper sizes in Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. CLOSEDALL SOFTWARE
A01037When trying to log-on with certain passwords causes a connection error with CPServer. CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2000.03 of higher
A01036When entering a decimal point in any field on the Finance tab of the Deal Records screen the cursor jumps to the beginning of the field and the decimal point disappears. CLOSEDCAR_PRO Unknown Version
A01035Payments due, not showing on the Post Payments tab of the Account Details screen. CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01034No buttons visible on the main menu. CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2001.04 of higher
A01033Cannot issue a license. User gets the following message... "Unable to issue license at this time".CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2000.03 of higher
A01032User reports when printing an amortization schedule the report prints double entries for each interval in term of the loan. CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01031User with Windows 2000 gets connection error message and must click "Retry" many time to gain access to CAR_PRO. CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2000.04 or higher
A01030Cannot add a new vehicle on the Inventory Records screen. CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01029System launches a Internet dial up dialog whenever the end user tries to access CAR_PRO. CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2000.003 or higher
A01028Unrecognized database format error message. CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01027User could not request a credit report from client machine. CLOSEDCAR_PRO Version 2000.05 or higher
A01026System locks up when user tries to edit or add new deals from Deal Records screen. CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01025User receives a "Designer Widgets" or "Data Widgets" error message when trying to access various screens in CAR_PRO. CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01024User receives the message: "This Custom Report Is Unauthorized!" when trying to print a report. CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01023"Error 524 was generated by CAR_PRO - No current record" when printing reports after updating from an older version to 2001.03. CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01022Cannot add a new deal on the Deal Records screen. CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01021Cannot access program and user gets a message indicating that they will need to wait for another user to exit the program before they can continue. CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01020Cannot access program, instead user is brought to the License Configuration screen.CLOSEDCAR_PRO VERSION 2001.02 or lower
A01019"Program Not Authorized! [88]" message.CLOSEDCAR_PRO VERSION 2000.04 or higher
A01018When trying to access CAR_PRO the user gets the message "Could not communicate with the CAR_PRO server! Make sure CPServer is running on the host machine and that the network connection is available!" CLOSEDCAR_PRO 2000.04 or higher
A01017Unable to post payments properly on Account Details screen. CLOSEDCAR_PRO VERSION 2001.02 or lower
A01016Running CAR_PRO Update kills license.CLOSEDCAR_PRO 2000.04 OR HIGHER
A01015Cannot access CAR_PRO from client machine on network.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01014Only the top portion of the print form is printing correctly on longer forms such as Bank contracts.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01013Information is clipped at page break on various reports.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01012General Protection Fault (GPF) or Fatal Exception Error when clicking "Done" button.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01011Life insurance premiums are calculating low by 15 to 25 dollars.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01010Error 595 when printing Inventory report.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01009Inaccurate cost adjustment value pops up on new record.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01008WIN32 Not Valid Application.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01007Printer continues to feed for quite some time after print form has printed.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01006Suddenly cannot print any reports or print forms.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01005"Feature Not Available" message on Deal Editor or Inventory screen.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01004Edge of print form or report is clipped off.CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01003Error# 6 was generated by CAR_PRO Overflow when printing a report or print form. CLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01002Error "509" or "Invalid Field Name" error when printing a reportCLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
A01001Error 525 when printing or previewing any print forms or reportsCLOSEDCAR_PRO Any Version
148 Matching Records