Backing Up & Restoring Your Data

The "Backup / Restore" screen is used to backup and restore all of your important data files including your databases and all of your reports and print forms. Backups are compressed and copied to a removable disk in a file named CAR_PRO.ZIP. You can specify which drive that you want backups to be stored on the Preferences screen. The backup utility is very simple to use and we recommend that you perform a daily backup so that if disaster strikes you can simply restore your data.

To create a backup, choose "Backup all my important data" and click the "Start" button.

To restore data, choose "Restore data from a previously created backup" from the drop down list and click the start button. WARNING the operation can not be undone and once finished all of your data, reports and print form files will revert back to the date of the original backup. Click the "Start Restore Operation" button to complete the task.

Also notice the Send backup to our remote server check box. If you check it then your data will also be sent to our server.