Billing Deals See Also

The "Billing" screen is used for printing your deals. Simply select a deal in the "Deals List" grid at the bottom of the screen. Then choose a form to print from the "Forms List" grid at the top of the screen. Next, load the form in your printer and click the "Print Form" button. It's that simple! Now run through the entire "Forms List" until the deal is finished. If you don't see a form that you need in your list then simply contact us.

All new in version 2007 is the Length setting which gives better control for printing forms that are longer then 11 inches. Make sure you set this value to an appropriate setting or your bank contracts may not print correctly.

The "Form Alignment Wizard" button will give you access to a utility that will help you line up your print forms. The "Web Margins" button will search our on-line database and attempt to download your margin settings.