CAR_PRO can also be run over a network (please note that each separate computer that will access the application will require a separate license). When networking the program, the full application will only be installed on one machine, this machine is referred to as the Host. On all the other machines, a scaled down version of the application will be installed, these machines are referred to as Clients.

To setup CAR_PRO to run over a network follow these steps...

(Assuming that CAR_PRO has already been installed on the machine that will act as the host)

  • Step 1 - Make sure your network is running and that the CAR_PRO folder is shared with full permissions.
  • Step 2 - Run the "Client Installation" software on each client machine. CLICK HERE to download the latest installation package.
  • Step 3 - Now all you have to do is obtain a "Floating" license to service each computer in the network (see Licensing CAR_PRO ).
  • Step 4 - When prompted, simply browse through your network to the file called "carpro.mdb" located on the CAR_PRO folder of your host PC.