System Requirements

Below are the minimum system requirements for running CAR_PRO...

  • Windows® 95 or higher.
  • 128MB RAM. (more RAM improves performance)
  • 50 MB Free Hard Drive Space.
  • PC with Pentium 200mhz or higher processor.
  • Mouse support or compatible pointing device.
  • 9 or 24 PIN Impact style printer (if you will be printing multi-part forms)
  • Internet Access (if you want to be able to receive update from our Web site)
Important Note:

Computers using Windows XP must not use Internet Explorer versions higher the 6.0 due to a compatability issue. Updating to IE7 or higher on XP machines will cause corruptions in your database and program problems. A newer version of CAR_PRO is available for users who have Windows Vista or higher that does solve the compatability issue but it does not work on Windows XP.