Inventory Exporter

CAR_PROŽ now offers extensive inventory export capabilities. Users can setup customized export routines that allow for sending Inventory data and photos to virtually any third party vendor. Just click the "Export All" button and your live data will be delivered!!!

Here is how it works...

For each vendor that you wish to send data to, you need to setup an export definition file. This can be done by clicking the "Add New" button.

This will open the "Export Definition File Editor" screen. Here you can define exactly what information gets sent and how it is delivered. This screen can be a bit tricky but if you have your vendor contact us, then we will be glad to assist you in the configuration.

* About Export Filters
Export filters can be set up incase you want to be more selective in the inventory you send. To setup a filter simply enter "[FILTER]" in the first column of any row of the Layout grid. Then select the field that you want to filter in the second column and to the right of it enter your filter criteria. As an example the following entry of [Miles]<100000 would filter out vehicles with more than 100000 miles.

We have created some export templates for some of the popular vendors and they are available for download below. Please note that some simple editing will be required before you can actually start transmitting data to your vendors. Please feel free to contact us for help in the final configuration. Click on the appropriate file link for your vendor and choose "RUN".

Export Definition Templates
VendorDownload FileSetup Instructions:
AutoMart export_am.exe
  1. Change the "Export File Name" field to match dealer name (ex: Joes Auto Sales could be joesauto.txt)
  2. Change the "Zip File Name" field to match Export File Name, but with ZIP extention (ex:
  3. In the Export Layout grid fill in the first 10 fields with your own info.
AutoTrader export_at.exe
  1. Contact your AutoTrader rep and have them send your FTP login details to us at
  2. Change the FTP settings to match the FTP details received from AutoTrader.
  3. Change the "Export File Name" field to the following format "U????????_[mmddyy].txt"
  4. Change the "DealerID" field to match your AutoTrader Dealer ID.
  5. Change the Picture Delivery settings. If you use CAR_PRO to send photos to your own website then it can be setup to pull pictures from there. If not, then you will have to use our image server for a small fee.
CAC (Credit Acceptance Corp.) export_cac.exe
  1. Change the "Export File Name" to match the dealer name assigned by CAC. export_cdtv.exe
  1. Make sure your account with is activated.
  2. Change the value for the "DealerID" field in the export layout grid to match your own URL.
CARS.COM export_cdc.exe
  1. Contact Direct Link Corporation at 888.890.5022 to setup your dealer folder on the ftp server.
  2. Change "Export File Name" field to match dealer ID (ex: CC55678 should be CC55678.txt)
  3. Change the "FTP Remote Folder" to match the name of the new folder setup by us.
  4. Change the "Picture Remote Folder" field to also match the name of the new folder setup by us.
  5. In the Export Layout grid fill in the first field with your own Dealer ID.

Don't see a template for your vendor? No problem... simply contact us with your vendor info and we will post it here!