Custom Reports & Print Forms

What are Custom Reports & Print Forms?

Custom Reports & Print Forms are actually complex programmed script files, which perform calculations and pull information from your database. They also control where and how data is printed on the form or report.

What type of Forms can I print with CAR_PRO?

There is virtually no limitation to what you can have the program print for you. Any form can be created so there is no need to ever fill out forms by hand again! Here are just a few examples of what some of are users have obtained...
  • Mail labels
  • Custom promissory notes
  • Thank you & follow-up letters
  • Custom purchase & sales agreements
  • Custom Invoices
  • Not to mention all the various bank contracts, Title apps, warranty apps, odometer statements, State forms or anything!
What if I need Reports that suit my own specific needs?

No problem! Reports can be designed to meet your exact specifications and format preferences. You can specify every aspect of the report from what data gets pulled to the even the font size & type.

How much do Custom Forms or Reports cost and how do I place an order?

The cost of each Custom Form or Report is a low one time fee, and generally special rates apply to volume orders. Simply contact us for current pricing & ordering details.