Service Menu Items

The Service Menu Items screen is where you will setup all your menu ticket items so they can be selected when creating new tickets. To create a new item click the "Add New" button and then fill in the info for the record in the Item Details area. You can specify all the various internal and retail pricing. Taxes can be specified for each menu item as well. This gives you the ability to have different tax amounts for different jobs. In the "Item Type" field you can enter whatever you like, which gives you a way to sort the records by groups. The data that you save here on new records are merely default values and when choosing these items while creating tickets you will have the freedom to alter the values.

There is a Default Item check box. When you check it, that menu item will automatically be added to every new ticket that you create. This comes in handy if you have items, such as a waste disposal or shop fee, that you want to charge to every ticket. To prevent duplicate entries, default items are also hidden and cannot be selected as items on tickets.

TIP: Make sure you fill in the estimated time for every record, including flat rate jobs, so the system can help you accurately track your service scheduling.