Support Options

We provide technical support for our software, Monday through Friday from 10AM to 4PM Eastern Time. The best way to obtain support is to click the "Live Help" button located in the top left corner of the Main Menu of your CAR_PROŽ application. You can also find a "Live Help" button right on our Home Page.

Click here for live help!

The "Live Help" option will connect you directly to one of our support agents and open up a live chat dialog. Once we establish what your issue is we can even take control of your PC (with your permission) to resolve issues quickly. Using this option will save us all a lot of time!

We do understand that sometimes it is necessary to talk directly to us. In this event use the contact info below:

Direct Link Corporation
21 Dow Rd.
Bow, NH 03304
888.890.5022 (toll free)

Other Resources:

We also have several other online resources available to you. Check out our online forums where you can interact with other CAR_PROŽ users and search through posts made there. You can also search our Knowledge Base for solutions to common problems.