Repairing Your Database

At some point in time you may encounter a problem with your database where it becomes "corrupt". This can happen for various reasons but it is usually due to a sudden loss of power during a save operation. If you receive an error message indicating that your database is corrupt, then you can use this repair utility to attempt to fix the problem. This repair operation usually takes care of the problem but not always. That is why it is very important to backup your data frequently. Each time you start the program it scans several of the major tables in your database to make sure every thing is ok. If a problem is detected, you will see a screen like the one depicted below. Click the "Continue" button to start the repair operation and when it is finished CAR_PRO will start automatically. If the repair operation is unsuccessful you will need to restore your most recent backup set. If you have a need to run the repair utility manually then choose "Utilities" and "Repair Databases" from the Main Menu.